Zipper Inspection System Model c2060z

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 c2060 Webbing Inspection




 Industry Sectors

  • Metal, Plastic Molded, Nylon Chain Zipper



  • High Speed Inspection
  • Automatic Sensitivity Control
  • All planes of the fabric inspected
  • All Settings stored in database
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Quality and production reporting
  • Password protects system parameters and Quality settings
  • TCP/IP connectivity (Optional)
  • Jacquard Fabrics against structural defects

The computer controlled model c2060z is the ultimate high speed inspection system for metal, molded plastic and nylon long chain zipper. With automatic  sensitivity control, consistent inspection is maintained even during changes in the fabrics running conditions.

The standard machine has a maximum operating speed of 180m/min and using precisely controlled motors the webbing is automatically tensioned as it is transported through the machine in order to avoid fabric creases. Fast style changeover - typically 30 seconds to change between different fabrics. Using the Automatic Sensitivity Control no manual sensitivity setting is required.

Complete management control - all the sensitivities can be stored against a product or style number and recalled when the style is run again - this system also tells the operator what is the optimum sensitivity to run at.

Production and inspection performance recording is provided as standard with records based upon date and shift. Inspection machine efficiency is continuously displayed.

The standard c2060z is designed to inspect 100% of your production. All aspects of zipper are inspected to a commercially acceptable standard and all machine parameters are setup with minimum operator input.

Examples of Zipper Defects