Inspection System Model c1360c

Fibrescan Logoc1360c Image

Industry Sectors

  • Braided Cord


  • Automatic Sensitivity Control
  • All planes of the fabric inspected
  • All settings stored in database
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Quality and production reporting
  • Password protects system parameters and quality settings
  • TCP/IP connectivity (Optional)

The computer controlled Model c1360c is the ultimate high speed inspection system for Braided Cord.

The standard machine is fitted with five cameras which automatically detect braided cord defects.

Operating at speeds up to 300 metres per minute it will make an immediate impact on your output quality whilst keeping up with your  production.

The system is designed to allow very fast changeover of styles. For example changing from 0.5mm to 5mm diameter will take 30 seconds and with the Automatic Sensitivity Control no manual adjustment is needed.

Records of both shift production and braided cord quality are automatically generated and stored on the system.

The standard c1360c can inspect all colours and inspect braided cord from 0.5mm to 6mm in diameter and can be supplied with box to box or reel to reel operation.

Over 6mm width machines can be made to special order.

Example of defects

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