The Story Behind Fibrescan

For the last 25 years under the leadership of Charles Schofield,Charles Schofield Fibrescan has been designing and manufacturing automated inspection equipment for the narrow fabric industry. Getting automated textile inspection right is difficult let no one tell you otherwise, getting it right and on budget is even tougher. That's why at Fibrescan we do inspection machines and only inspection machines, this is  not an add-on product to our portfolio this is our core activity.

Fibrescan is Narrow Fabric Inspection.

Fibrescan exports to over 30 countries worldwide; we have solved inspection problems covering structural defects, contamination defects, colour and dimensional measurement and tolerancing.

We have customers in webbing, strapping, seatbelts, elastic, ribbon, rope, suture and zipper; in woven  or knitted plains, jacquard, logo and colours. If you have a challenging inspection problem in   a narrow fabric then we have probably already found a cost effective solution and if we haven't then we're up to    the challenge.

Fibrescan is Narrow Fabric Inspection.

All our systems are optical using the latest sensors, light sources and the latest embedded technology. We design from chip level up, ensuring that the hardware is optimised for narrow fabrics, therein providing our software with the best platform on which to operate.

We design and we manufacture, we do not integrate various off the shelf components and are not beholden to supply chains that are quickly changing or obsoleting product or just failing. You can be confident that your products will be supported and your investment protected many years from now.

Fibrescan is Narrow Fabric Inspection.

Our technical support is second to none - it's just the best. If you have a technical question or even an operational problem. You will have a response within hours and a solution usually by the end of the day. It is the benchmark of our relationship with our customers and we take it very seriously.

Thank you for your interest in Fibrescan. We hope you enjoy our website and invite you to send us your comments and suggestions by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Charles Schofield

Founder and Chief Designer