New Member Of The Fibrescan Team

We are pleased to welcome Mark Glennon to the Fibrescan team; Mark has a wealth of experience in marketing, administration and computers.

Mark is looking forward to his new opportunity at Fibrescan applying his skills and experience as well as developing his knowledge in this exciting industry.

“I would like to thank Charles for giving me this exciting opportunity.  I look forward to working at Fibrescan and to becoming a member of such a dynamic team” – Mark Glennon


New c2060 System for Webbing Inspection

Model c2060 - for Webbing Inspection

October 2012 sees the release of our new designed model c2060 for light and rigid webbing.

Primarily for light and rigid webbing including strapping, military webbing and pet/equestrian webbing - the model c2060 uses 6 cameras to inspect all planes of the fabric at speeds upto 180 metres per minute!

The c2060 is designed to inspect 100% of your production, be it plains (from black all the way through the colours to white), patterned or logo fabrics. All these qualities are inspected to a commercially acceptable standard and all machine parameters are setup with minimum operator input


 Please click here to see the c2060 in action. 



New c1360c System for Braided Cord

Model c1360c - For Braided Cord

We are excited at the release of our new model c1360c for Braided Cord inspection.

This system enables Braided Cord Manufacturers to ensure their quality assurance process, the bulk production is inspected at high speeds of up to 300 metres per minute! The c1360c examines for structural and contamination defects, meeting strict requirements for production quality and specification.

c1360c Braided Cord Inspection System

 Please click here to go to our video section and see the 1360c in action